Esa Onttonen

Composer and guitarist from Helsinki, Finland.

Halme records and tours

22 October 2015

I play guitar on two recent albums by Hepa Halme. The first one, Auringonnousun talosta helvetin kuuseen (TUM Records), features poems written and recited by the legendary Finnish writer Hannu Salama.

My contribution for the album is on the first track, 6/10/36 sotalapsi. I’ll be performing the album material with Hannu Salama & Vapaat Radikaalit at the Tampere Jazz Happening on October 30th, 2015. (Jan 2016 edit: two more gigs, Jan 21th at KOM-ravintola and Feb 13th at Vuotalo).

The second Halme album of the year, Pajazzo (Karkia Mistika Records) has been just released. The band Halme Prospekt is finishing the October tour with a performance at Juttutupa, Helsinki on October 28th.