Esa Onttonen

Composer and guitarist from Helsinki, Finland.

En garde!

27 April 2018

In the previous post I mentioned a new Gourmet album in the works. The first single, Pink Camel, was released on April 13 and the full album En garde is out today (April 27) on Fiasko Records.

The album features 60 minutes of original music spread on 15 tracks. You can buy the CD from Digelius, Levykauppa Äx or use your favorite digital service (Spotify, iTunes etc.) to listen to it.

We will be playing the album material on a few upcoming gigs:

  • May 2: Juttutupa, Helsinki
  • May 4: Hotel Degerby, Loviisa
  • June 2–3: Chinon en jazz, Chinon, France
  • July 18: Pori Jazz
  • July 28: Raahen Rantajatsit
  • September 22–23: Flame Jazz Cruise, M/S Viking Grace, Turku